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Ms Dref

Jack Coleman and Hayden Panettiere


Jack Coleman is in Monte Carlo for the Monte Carlo TV festival, promoting The Vampire Diaries and today he talked about an audition he had a few months ago.:

“Jack Coleman came close to playing in Nashville, one of the big events of ABC’s fall lineup. He auditioned for the husband of Connie Britto, a role that ended up going to Eric Close, first because the producers preferred to bet on someone younger and secondly because Hayden Panettiere had been cast in one of the main roles and they preferred to avoid any confusion that could have arisen from Heroes, where they played father and daughter.”

This made me giggle and sad at the same time. It would have been awesome to see them together, but perhaps they thought of  potential future storylines. I hope one day someone will be brave enough to cast them in the same show/movie. :P

(translated byla_dame_du_lac )

Source: Allociné:
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