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Anyone still here? New Fic

Hey everyone, I hope people still come to this community! I'm going to post a couple of new fics, I've been writing sporadically and have a bunch of them sitting on my hard drive just begging to be finished. Here is the first one!

Title: Revenge
Author: Kinky_Devil452
Pairing: Claire/Noah
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 3,331
Warning: Graphic Sex, Adoptive Incest, Rough Sex, BDSM, NonCon, Angst
Summary: An adversary from Noah's past comes looking for revenge and uses Claire in his twisted game. Will their relationship survive?

*Hope this isn't too heavy, wrote this two years ago when I was going though a rough time and I had a lot of dark thoughts, Noah and Claire go through hell in this one.

The gun cocked in his ear and he felt his heart stop.

You don’t have to do this. She has nothing to do with this.”

She has everything to do with this.”

No, you have it all wrong.”

Really Bennet? You took someone I love. I’m doing the same to you, but I’m going to make her hate you first.”

He felt the butt of the pistol come in contact with the back of his head and then blackness.


His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and he could see a fuzzy figure hovering over him trying to wake him. He was still very disoriented and thought he had concussion. It was dark but he knew who it was by the blond hair.

Dad? Dad, wake up.”

Claire? Is that you? This isn’t a trick?”

No dad, it’s me. What’s going on?”

I don’t know. I can’t remember. I was hit…and then nothing.” He struggled to regain his memory.

Can you help me get out of these handcuffs dad?”

I don’t have a key; whoever is behind this took everything I had on me.”

I don’t need a key, just break my hands. I can slip out.”

He looked at her regretfully. He didn’t want to hurt her intentionally, even if she healed and didn’t feel pain.

Dad, it’s ok. It won’t hurt.” She extended her hands to him so he could break them.

OK.” He took her hands into his and held them before instructing her to kneel on the floor with her palms lying flat. He looked at her before slamming his shoe down and crushing her hands. He helped her slip her mangled hands out of the cuffs and watched as her hands healed within seconds.

Do you remember anything yet dad?”

Not really, I was hit from behind and then I woke up. How did you get here?”

Someone threw a bag over my head and stuck me in a trunk. I only saw his arms; he had a tattoo of a snake squeezing a naked woman… like they do with mice.”

Noah felt the blood drain from his face.

I remember now.”

Who is it? What does he want?”

He’s a very bad man. He escaped from level 5 last year…they call him the Constrictor because he has the ability to compress any object, no matter how large. First it was beer cans and soda bottles, then cars, but he moved onto people…mostly women. He would assault them and compress their internal organs to kill them. He’s a monster”

What does he want with us?”

He blames me for the death of his wife. Back when I was with the company we followed the serial murders he was committing. We found an opportunity to bag and tag…but it went wrong. He took his own wife hostage and killed her. He blames me because he says if we never came, she would still be alive. He wants revenge.”


They lost count of the hours they spent in the cell. They searched every inch of the cell for a way to escape but found nothing but dirt and blood spatter, presumably from previous victims. Noah surmised they were in a killing room, tucked away in a remote area where no one could hear their screams.

The cell door creaked open and Noah stood in front of Claire in an attempt to shield her from any attack that may come.

You have a very beautiful daughter Bennet.” The man stepped towards them to get a better look at Claire.

Noah stepped in front of their captor and pushed Claire behind him. “You’re not going to touch her.”

You sure about that? You aren’t in much of a position to stop me.”

Noah punched him in the face and tried to overpower him. It didn’t work; the man was much stronger and fueled by rage. He threw Noah against the wall.

I’m not going to let you hurt her. This is between us. Let her go.”

The man stepped towards Claire while Noah struggled to his feet. He pulled out a knife and traced it along her face.

He leaned in and whispered into her ear. She could smell cigarettes on his breath, his voice rough.

You think you know your daddy…I’m going to show you another side of him. I think he’ll enjoy it. I mean look at you, a nice piece like you. I’d be surprised if he didn’t have you before.” He ran the knife up her body, grazing her curves.

Claire felt her face grow hot with rage. “Fuck you, don’t you touch me.”

Aww, don’t try to be brave. Daddy can’t save you. Not from me. Get on the floor and take off your clothes.”

No” she stood defiant. She wasn’t going to let this animal degrade her.

Do it!” he screamed and grabbed Noah and put the knife to his neck.

Take off your clothes for daddy.”

Let her go.” Noah struggled against the captors grip and felt the knife dig deeper into his throat.

Claire could feel the tears sting at her eyes. She watched as her father was held there helplessly, forced to watch.

Her hand trembled as she unbuttoned her shirt, going slowly to try to buy some time before the inevitable. She came to the last button and the shirt fell from her shoulders. She shivered as the cold air hit her body. She struggled with the button on her jeans before sliding them down her legs and stepping out of them. She exchanged a look with her father, who was completely horrified. Tears fell down her face as she stood there in her bra and panties, waiting to be told what to do next.

Take the rest off.”

What are you going to do?” She sobbed as she unhooked her bra and took off her panties.

She sobbed and tried to cover her body with her arms. She didn’t want her dad to see her like this. This was worse than any physical pain she endured.

Noah knew that their captor wasn’t just going to make him watch. He remembered what he said about making Claire hate him. He understood what those words meant as he was forced to watch her undress.

The captor whispered into Noah’s ear as he held the knife to his throat. “So does daddy like? You think she’ll still be your little girl after this?”

Fuck you, you animal. I’ll kill you.”

He laughed and threw Noah into Claire and they both fell onto the floor.

Hey, Claire, its Claire isn’t it? I’m going to give you a choice. Me or your daddy. Which one of us is going to taste you?”

Don’t you make her do this! Claire, baby, don’t listen to him”

I don’t understand…why are you doing this? Please don’t do this.” She sobbed and wished she didn’t have such a useless power.

You have to choose one sweetie…which one?”

She looked at Noah, trying to see what he wanted her to do. His expression was unreadable.

She crawled over to Noah and whispered in his ear. “Please don’t make me choose him…I want it to be you.”

There has to be another way…I can’t…do that…to you.” He cupped her cheek with his hand. He had always secretly desired her…but for his fantasy to come true like this…it was too much.

Dad please, I know you won’t hurt me like him.” She trusted him; of course she would choose him.

He looked at her and looked at the captor. He knew there was no way out of this situation. It was going to happen. He could either watch his little girl get raped by a monster, or he could do it himself. Either way he was going to live with the guilt of not being able to protect her.

He hung his head, resigned to the situation. “Ok, Claire. It will be me. He’s not going to touch you.”

He looked over at the captor. “If I do this, you can’t touch her. You can do whatever you want with me, but you have to let her go.”

Get on top of her. I’m calling the shots now.” He pulled a gun from his waistband and pressed the barrel against the back of Noah’s head. He held the gun against Noah’s head as he hovered over Claire.

Kiss her, show her how much daddy loves her.”

Noah cradled her in his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead.

That’s not good enough…do you want me to show you how a man does it?”

No!” Noah spat out.

Dad, let’s just do what he says.” She ran her hand over his cheek. “You can’t hurt me. I love you.”

He nodded and kissed her on the lips. He kissed her deeply and tried to show her how much he truly loved her. He was surprised that she returned the kiss, her tongue running across his lips. He ran his fingers through her hair and cried as he kissed her. He felt her hands on his face and inhaled her scent. For a moment he forgot about the gun pressed against his skull.

Take off your clothes. It’s time to get started.”

His fingers trembled as he unbuttoned his shirt. He looked down at her lying on the floor, her blonde hair fanning out around her head like a halo. He pulled the shirt off and motioned for her to sit up so he could lay the shirt under her. It wasn’t much, but he wanted to give her as much comfort as he could before he did the unthinkable.

She looked up at him as he undressed. Like her, he undressed slowly and she could see him calculating a way to escape. She hated the sick monster that was enjoying the show. She knew Sylar was sick and twisted, but even he, she thought, wouldn’t force a father to rape his own daughter. That was a special kind of sick. She hated what this was going to do to their relationship. Even if they did escape, the damage done would be irreparable. No matter what she said, he would never forgive himself. Even though she had feelings for him and he had feelings for her, she knew he would have never acted on it. Not like this.

He removed his undershirt and rolled it up into a ball and placed it under her head. She smiled at him for trying to make it better. She heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. She began to breathe heavily…they were close now. She was scared and calm at the same time. She was scared of the stranger watching them and keeping them prisoner, but she felt safe in his arms. She knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, not like the sexual sadist that held a gun on them.

He was fully undressed and laid on top of her. The skin on skin contact felt nice after lying on the cold floor. He shivered a bit and she wrapped her arms around him.

Hey” she whispered.

He looked at her and leaned down to gently kiss her on the cheek.

I’m so sorry Claire. I’m trying to find a way…but this is going to happen…I’m so sorry. I’m a monster.”

She felt his tears fall on her chest.

Dad…dad, its ok. This isn’t rape…” she shook her head, tears falling from her eyes. She couldn’t believe she said the word “rape”. Would it really be considered that? They were both being equally forced and she didn’t see it as an actual rape. What Brody tried to do to her was much different than this. She idly wondered if he would get a little pleasure out of it. She knew how her felt about her, but maybe that made this all the more worse for him.

Noah felt the barrel of the gun at the back of his head again, their sadistic captor reminding them of his presence.

Get started Bennet. Don’t keep your little girl waiting.”

For Noah, that was easier said than done. He wasn’t particularly aroused for the occasion. He was afraid of the consequences if he did not start and tried to move things along using his hand. Claire noticed his plight and pulled him down close to her in an embrace while her small hand wrapped around him and stroked him until he hardened.

He began to think of the absurdity of their situation, the torture and pleasure mixed into one. His eyes fluttered shut as he felt her hand wrap around him. He wished it hadn’t felt so good. He wanted to punish himself for getting her into this situation.

Shhh it’s ok. Just us here, focus on me.” She whispered into his ear to calm him. When did she become the cool and collected one?

He slipped a finger inside of her to see if she was ready. She didn’t feel very wet so he licked his finger and dipped it inside her again. She gasped at the sensation of his fingers inside her and stifled a moan. She didn’t want to give their captor the satisfaction, or have the reverse reaction and have him get angry that Noah wasn’t hurting her. The fear of the act itself subsided when she realized Noah wasn’t going to make it unpleasant for her.

Are you ready Claire?”

She nodded and he positioned himself at her entrance. His eyes never left hers as he slowly slipped inside her.


He thrust inside her, gently rocking back and forth against her. He held her close to him as he thrust, his hands in her hair, her lips nipping at his neck.

I love you Claire.”

I love you too dad.”

He felt her legs wrap around his waist and he slipped deeper inside. He groaned at the contact and inwardly cursed himself. This wasn’t supposed to feel good.

He wondered what the sadistic monster was going to do next. He tried to think how he could fight back. Noah also wondered why he hadn’t used his ability on them yet. Was he waiting for a grand finale? How could Claire’s ability be used offensively?

I told you to fuck her Bennet, not chit chat. You need to spice it up… You need me to show you how?”

No. No, what do you want me to do?”

I’ve always enjoyed choking. Nothing quite like looking into someones eyes as their life slips away. Doesn’t get more intimate than that. If you don’t do it I will, but I know she prefers her daddy.”

He felt the gun barrel press against his cheek.

Do it or I shoot you and her.”

Noah looked at Claire and mouthed “I’m sorry” before wrapping his hands around her throat. He continued to thrust inside her as he tightened his grip on her throat, his eyes never leaving hers. He watched as her eyes widened with fear, as if seeing for the first time what he was capable of. The act itself was strangely erotic.

He began to loosen his grip and the gun pressed harder into his cheek.

I tell you when to stop Bennet. Keep going.”

He tightened his grip on her throat and watched as her eyes began to look heavily lidded.

Daddy, stop…please.” She began to squirm and fight against his grip. She could only take so much torture. Death was close, even if just briefly.

I need to stop. She’s dying.” Noah pleaded.

No. My rules.”

Noah bent down and whispered “Hold on baby”


You can stop. I don’t want her dead, we aren’t finished yet.”

With those words he left, locking the cell door behind him.

Noah and Claire exchanged a look of shock. They weren’t expecting their torture to end so abruptly. Maybe he was planning to keep them around for a while?

I’m so sorry for hurting you Claire. I didn’t want to.”

Claire hung her head, ashamed to look him in the eyes

I know dad, he had a gun in your face”

He picked up his suit jacket and wrapped it around her.

Are you ok?” He looked down at her, she was curled up in his lap wearing only his jacket.

She nodded her head yes, but he could tell she was holding back tears. She was trying to be brave for him.

I’m ok dad. I know you didn’t want to do that. It wasn’t your choice.”

He hung his head. He failed to protect her.

I’m sorry Claire.”

Don’t feel bad dad, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

I raped you…I failed you. That was wrong.”

She placed her hand on his cheek.

It didn’t feel like rape to me. You were gentle and it felt…good.” She cursed herself inside. Why did she tell him that? Was the fact that her body found it pleasurable supposed to absolve him of any guilt?

He was taken aback, he expected her to recoil in horror, to never speak to him again, and here she was telling him it felt good?

Felt good, Claire?”

I just mean I’m glad it was you. You didn’t hurt me. Until he forced you. I know that wasn’t easy.”

He looked at the floor, unable to look at her. He shivered and realized that he was still naked. He looked around for their clothes but they were scattered all over the cell.


Hours passed as they fruitlessly looked around the cell trying to find a way out. Claire accepted defeat and slumped against the concrete wall. “We'll just have to wait till he comes back. There's no way out.”

Noah tugged on the bars on the window for the hundredth time hoping that they would finally budge. They didn't. There was nothing but blackness beyond the window. Noah guessed that they were being held in an abandoned industrial complex.

Noah slumped against the concrete wall beside Claire. “Are you alright?” He knew the question was stupid, how could she possibly be alright after what he did to her? Still he felt that she needed to know he cared. He put his arm around her and went to pull her into a hug when he felt her whole body stiffen at his touch.

'I'm sorry” he said and he retracted his arm. He felt like he was going to be sick, but he couldn't lose it in front of her, he had to stay strong even though he was screaming inside. The twisted bastard got what he wanted, Claire hated him, and soon he would kill him.

After a few moments of silence Claire leaned close to him and hugged him. “I'm sorry for pulling's..I don't know. I don't know how I feel.” She lowered her head in shame and avoided his eyes. Any shred of bravery she had before was gone as reality set in.

At that admission, Noah cried. Claire was hurt beyond repair and it was by his own hands. It didn't matter that it was forced, he should have tried harder to stop it. Noah was hard on himself, Claire would forgive him long before he could ever forgive himself.

She hugged him a little tighter and held him as he cried. She could feel tears of her own bubbling to the surface but she wouldn't let them fall.

We'll find a way out”

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